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Aug. 22nd, 2013 08:04 pm
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You'll probably have to crane your neck to look this guy in the eye, but don't let that make you hesitate - pressing six feet though he may be, Moritz is hardly a menacing force towards friends. Or recent acquaintances, or passing beggars, or traveling apothecary salesmen - so long as you avoid the moniker of 'enemy', he's more likely to hug than punch.

A past full of farm work means Moritz has a broad build. He's more stocky than lean, more width than muscle definition, and he's certainly unafraid of using his size when it comes to helping out with chores.

His straw-straight hair is mostly colorless, a bland undefined shade somewhere around blond. It's kept short and out of his way, barely any length for bangs over his eyes - which are only slightly less unremarkable, a pale clear blue.

He is often layered regardless of the weather, with a soft undershirt protecting him from his chain mail armor, and a tunic over that to mask the metal scaling his torso. Is he looking for a fight? Probably not, unless he's doing good works in exchange for gold or spiritual enlightenment - but he'd rather feel the safe weight of extra armor than be caught wanting. A sense of security fuels most of what he does for himself and offers for others, and it reflects in his attire and amount of supplies he often will be tugging along in his trusty pack.


In modern universes Moritz is probably dressed in blandly polite clothing - polo shirts, khakis, chinos. He's more affected by modern media, more anxious, more prone to second-guessing himself. In the absence of an obvious god to play the role of who he should follow, Moritz is more adrift in the sea of possibilities the world offers. He's still trying to find himself.


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